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Pre-Order "In the Service to the Church: Essays in Honor of Dr. Robert Paul Martin

Pre-Order "In the Service to the Church: Essays in Honor of Dr. Robert Paul Martin

Edited by Brian Borgman 

600 Page Hardback 

Festschrift is a German word, meaning “a celebration writing,” and refers to a book written in honor of a person who has made a significant contribution to his field of study. The essays are written by friends, colleagues, and students. Most of the time such a volume is written while the honoree is alive, sometimes it is produced posthumously. Such a volume then is not only a celebration, but it is also a memorial. This book qualifies as both a celebration and a memorial to the life, ministry, and writings of Dr. Robert Paul Martin.

Shortly after “Dr. Bob” went home to be with the Lord, the Reformed Baptist Seminary had its annual board meeting. We discussed how to best honor this man who meant so much to so many. When one recounts what Dr. Bob meant to Trinity Ministerial Academy, Trinity Baptist Church, Montville, NJ, Emmanuel Baptist Church, SeaTac WA, Reformed Baptist Seminary, oversees training and missions, and the Reformed Baptist world in general, seeking to honor him seemed appropriate, “giving honor to whom honor is due.”

This book is the fruit of that board discussion. Although it took longer than we had hoped, we are thankful to God for its completion. Each essay touches on an area that was dear to Dr. Bob.

The book is composed of five parts, Pastoral Theology, Biblical and Systematic Theology,  Memorial Essays, Annotated Bibliography and Reviews, and then Robert P. Martin’s writings, including his exegetical articles, and his articles on the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith.