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Charles Spurgeon

The Spurgeon Trilogy

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Three Books

All of Grace is one of the most significant books written by one of the most influential authors on the most important subject—the gospel. Here is the Prince of Preachers clearly and precisely outlining the way of salvation. Salvation is not by works, but by grace alone—from start to finish, it’s all of grace. This book contains an unguent and powerful message that needs to be read, understood, and believed by all. This book is C. H. Spurgeon at his best.





Through the Eyes of Spurgeon is a goldmine of memorable statements of C. H. Spurgeon mined out of his books and the 3,600 hundred sermons. The Prince of Preacher had a gift of concisely and powerfully communicating the truths of the gospel. And this book gathers thousands of the most meaningful quotes of Spurgeon into one accessible volume.






Spurgeon Calvinism is the Prince of Preacher describing, defending, and applying the doctrines of grace. According to C. H. Spurgeon, “Calvinism is the gospel, and nothing else.” And in this volume, Spurgeon precisely and convincingly articulates each of the five points of Calvinism.