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Church and Family Life

How to Conquer A Murmuring Tongue

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4" x 7" 
63 pages
Paperback booklet

Jeremiah Burroughs
Edited by Scott Brown

This book is for those who have fallen into the trap of murmuring. You want to stop, but you need help. You see that you are unhappy. You see that you are wasting your energy in the unprofitable business of murmuring. Perhaps you even feel as if you have wasted your life murmuring. This was the case for Jeremiah Burroughs.

Look back on your life. Do you wish you had been more careful with your words? Are there things you said that caused irreparable damage to your reputation and to your relationships? And, how many of these things were simply because you were murmuring out of discontentment?

Jeremiah Burroughs laments the kind of life he could have had if he had only done a better job bridling his tongue. He writes:

Oh, had I had this grace of contentment, what a happy life I might have lived! What abundance of honor I might have brought to the name of God! How might I have honored my profession!

Burroughs makes it clear that murmuring reflects inward corruption, “much corruption, and strong corruption, and very vile corruptions in your heart.” He does not go soft on murmuring, but rather makes it clear that, “a murmuring heart is a very sinful heart.”