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Help Fund What Every Christian Needs to Know about Social Justice

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Trying to do what we can to fight one of the greatest dangers to the church and to our society, Social Justice. Help us print 20,000 copies of this book,


"Five Things Every Christian Needs to Know about Social Justice."


1. Social Justice Is at War with God

2. Social Justice Is Rooted in Marxism

3. Social Justice Is the Fruit of Critical Theory

4. Social Justice Is Unjust

5. Social Justice Is Intolerant of Christianity

Whatever we can do to warn and educate the saints on this topic, we want to do.

We want this book to be free to everyone. FGP wants to blast the alarm as clearly and boldly and loudly as I can without any regard or concern for what people may think of me.


Help us raise the money to get this book into churches where they can give them out freely to all who want to learn more about Soical Justice.