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Church and Family Life

Journey Through the Bible

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604 pages
Publisher: The National Center for Family-Integrated Churches

Scott T. Brown

Journey Through the Bible came about from our family worship times as we read the Bible together as a family.


As our children were growing up, our family made it our practice to read the Bible from cover to cover. We did this for many years. Some of our children learned to read by reading progressively more words as we read the Bible together.

We took turns reading, going around the circle. The little ones would repeat one or two words that we coached them to pronounce. Those who could read would read one to five verses and the best readers would read five verses each. We would read around four chapters per day, usually in the morning.

As each year passed, I kept adding to a document which contained introductory information about each book. I used this document to give my family background information for each book and to record the things I felt were important about it. By the time our children were adults, I had over 400 pages of notes. These notes documented the following kinds of information:

  •  The historical context of each book of the Bible.
  •  The questions I asked them.
  •  An explanation of the meaning of each book.
  •  A list of the important matters of each book.
  •  A list of key memory verses.
  •  A basic outline of each book

This book is a compilation of these notes as well as notes I collected as I studied these books on my own and as I preached through them over the years.



A closed Bible is convicting no one, instructing no one, and transforming no one. Yet, Satan himself must retreat before the weapon of God’s Word when it is wielded with faith and skill. Because the Word of God gives life (1 Peter 1:23) and brings growth (1 Peter 2:2), there is nothing more important than to familiarize ourselves and our families with its divine message. Scott Brown’s Journey Through the Bible is a helpful tool toward this end. This work is well organized, well studied, and well written. Its subject matter is nothing less than glorious.

  • Justin Huffman
  • Pastor and Author of the Daily Devotion App and "Grow: The Command to Ever-Expanding Joy"  

Scott Brown has carefully compiled pertinent information about each book of the Bible in an extremely accessible fashion. From overall themes to review questions, Journey Through the Bible is designed to aid the individual, the family, or the Christian classroom in the study of God’s Word. It is a worthy resource that will benefit the Kingdom of Christ.

  • Anthony Mathenia
  • Pastor of Christ Church-Radford  

Journey Through the Bible is not only an excellent resource for the Christian who wants to be more familiar with the books of the Bible, but is an outstanding resource for parents who desire to instruct their children in Scripture. This volume should be in the home of every believer as a tool to equip us to increasingly know, understand, and apply God’s blessed Word to our lives. I enthusiastically recommend it!

  • Rob Ventura
  • Pastor of Grace Community Baptist Church and Co-Author of "A Portrait of Paul" and "Spiritual Warfare"  

As a parent who regularly leads my family in reading the Bible, I have been searching long for a resource to help my children with comprehension and meditation. Scott Brown’s Journey Through the Bible is a goldmine of valuable tools to aid families studying Scripture together. It is everything I’ve been seeking: helpful background information, practical application, hymns, memory verses, study questions, and more for each book of the Bible. There is nothing more powerful for my family’s spiritual life than understanding and meditating upon Scripture and Journey Through the Bible helps us do just that. I will be using this book with my own family and recommending it to others!

  • Scott Aniol, PhD
  • Chair of the Worship Ministry Department at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Founder of Religious Affections Ministries  

Disciple-makers are more concerned with giving people all that Jesus taught, than teaching just parts of the Bible. Scott has given the church a necessary tool, one that explores major themes and formulates the necessary questions, with a clear focus on Christ. This book can be used as a framework for those who desire to study the whole Bible systematically. Every pastor should have it on his desk and recommend it to new converts and families in the church.

  • Malamulo Chindongo
  • Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church  

Whether you have just started leading family worship or have done so for years, you will find much in Scott Brown’s remarkable Journey through the Bible to equip you to open the Word with your family. It offers many helps for each book of the Bible, including a memory verse, overview, top five facts, theme, author, audience, key verses, lessons, and outline. Two especially helpful features are suggestions for how to see Christ in each book of the Old Testament and a list of study questions and answers for discussion with your family.

  • Dr. Joel Beeke
  • President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary  

Journey through the Bible, written by Scott Brown, an experienced guide, who has trod the path with his wife and family through the pages of Scripture many times before. Along the way, he has recorded some of the soaring peaks to ascend and dangerous crevasses to avoid, helping both novice and experienced explorers alike. The impact of taking this Journey through the Bible during your family devotions will provide incalculable value in the lives of your children.  

  • Craig Houston
  • Pastor of Westside Baptist Church  

Journey Through the Bible is a trustworthy and straightforward study tool to place into the hands of any family. It has been forged out of years of Scott Brown’s family instruction and personal study. The content is thoroughly researched and yet even children can understand it. The hymns, memory verses, facts to remember, and study questions will be a helpful tool to guide the Christian in their systematic reading of the Scriptures. It is made to be used and not merely for reference! I commend this as a valuable guide to any father or mother, and Christians of any age seeking a more applied approach to the study of the Word of God. I wish I had this as a new Christian!

  • Pooyan Mehrshahi
  • Pastor of Providence Baptist Chapel  

Families spending time studying the Bible together is always necessary. This book, Journey Through the Bible, is a great, biblical help for the family and will serve our generation well.

  • Sam Waldron
  • Dean and Professor of Systematic Theology at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary and Author of "A Man as Priest"  

Here, Scott Brown has provided an excellent introduction to the whole Bible for families. God has given the whole Word of God to equip our children for every good work and they should not leave home without a familiarity with all 66 books.  

  • Kevin Swanson
  • Director of Generations, Executive Director of Christian Home Educators of Colorado, and Author of "Freedom" and "Apostate"