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Church and Family Life

Practical Rules For Governing Your Tongue

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Paperback booklet
39 pages
4" x 7"

Richard Baxter
Edited by Scott Brown

The great fires in American history show us how devastating a spark can be, and by analogy, how devastating the sparks of the tongue can be. The Chicago Fire of 1871 destroyed one-third of the city’s value and left 100,000 people homeless. The more recent “Camp Fire” of Paradise, California, which raged in August 2018, was one of the deadliest in US history. One year later, 90% of the population is gone.

Failing to govern our tongues can result in similar disasters for our relationships. Churches, families, companies, and friendships can, and often have, burnt to the ground as a result of evil speaking. Great men of the faith such as Richard Baxter, Martin Luther recognized the destructive power of the tongue and brought biblical truth to bear on this vital issue. Their extremely helpful writings on this topic are the contents of this book.

The following pages contain a treasure trove of practical wisdom on the use of your tongue. You will find it convicting. It will expose flaws in your life and will likely hurt. It will identify well-worn patterns that will be hard to break. You will find that these authors identify, with astonishing specificity, what’s wrong with the ways we talk. But they won’t leave you there. Instead, they will cast a vision for you of life-giving speech.