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Christian Duties

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Zenas Trivett (1753–1831) was a little-known but faithful Baptist minister who pastored for forty years in Langham, Essex. His involvement in various Baptist endeavors brought him into the circle of such contemporaries as John Ryland Jr., Thomas Steevens, and Andrew Fuller, who treasured his friendship.

Christian Duties, originally entitled Plain Christian Duties Recommended, is an address Zenas Trivett gave at the establishment of a new Baptist congregation in 1791, in which he lays out the various responsibilities of a faithful member of a local church. Trivett emphasized that congregational polity was “the alone [only] plan of the New Testament,” though he urged his hearers never to dream that “all true religion [is] confined to your own denomination.” He particularly urged the congregation to often “meet together . . . for prayer and conversation,” for believers who come together “destitute of the spirit of devotion,” Trivett noted, have “their cold affections warmed.”

Rediscover this timeless exhortation Trivett delivered to eighteenth-century Christians, and let it stir your heart to prove the authenticity of your conversion to Jesus Christ through the simple act of obedience to the Word of God.