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    Books that will help you obtain a deeper knowledge and a greater enjoyment of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Root & Fruit

Harmonizing Paul and James may be one of the most crucial matters for the Christian to work through.

Read this book by Joel Beeke and Steve Lawson for the much needed clarity on this topic.

Honey from the Rock of Christ

A Choice Drop of Honey

If one had only one book, besides the Bible, to give away, arguably this would be that book.

Christ becomes altogether beautiful as our sins become all the more horrendous.

The Spurgeon Trilogy

Stephen McCaskell has meticulously mined through the thousands upon thousands of sermons by Charles Spurgeon for the key quotes, stories and insights from the Prince of Preachers.

Every Christian would benefit from these three works – Through the Eyes of C.H. Spurgeon, Spurgeon's Calvinism and All of Grace.