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Thomas J. Nettles

A Commentary on James

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A Commentary on James: Good Words, Bad Words; Good Works, Bad Works; True Faith, False Faith


This commentary on the book of James originated in a week-by-week exposition Tom Nettles did for his Sunday school class. His sister, Sylvia Nettles Dickson, serves as his co-author for this book. Together, Nettles and his sister combine their thoughts for the purpose of aiding church teachers and priming the pump of thinking devotionally about James’s robust and gripping presentation of gospel holiness.


"As a local church pastor whose weekly commitment is to the preaching of God’s Word, one part of my regular reading is in Bible commentaries. Obviously, not all literature in this genre is the best to read for many reasons. But there are some that surface that capture your attention, provoke your thoughts, deepen your devotion to God, and aid you to greater sanctification. Such is the effect of Tom Nettles’ new commentary on James. In addition, though, to Tom’s work, there are peppered throughout this book the pithy musings of Tom’s sister, Sylvia, who has clearly meditated much on James and how this New Testament letter calls us to greater Christlikeness. Suffice it to say, Tom Nettles and Sylvia have done a great service to the church for the present and future generations by the gift of their labors producing one of the finest single commentaries on James."

Kurt M. Smith
Pastor, Providence Reformed Baptist Church
Remlap, Alabama

"Throughout his long and now legendary teaching ministry, Dr. Tom Nettles has defended the Bible as the Word of God, inspired, inerrant, and infallible. Now, in this commentary on the Book of James, Dr. Nettles reveals his heart for teaching the Bible. This commentary will help the reader to understand the riches God has given the church in this powerful New Testament book, and this work will tremendously encourage Christians. An added dimension comes with the comments offered by Sylvia Nettles Dickson, Professor Nettles’ sister. This is a book Christians will welcome."

—R. Albert Mohler, Jr.,
President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


Author Bio

Dr. Tom Nettles Tom Nettles has written biographies of Charles Spurgeon and James P. Boyce. Among his other books are By His Grace and for His Glory and Baptists and the Bible. He is retired but serves as a senior professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.




Sylvia Nettles Dickson lives in Germantown, TN, with her husband, Tom Dickson. She graduated from Hinds Junior College and the University of Southern Mississippi with a BA in communications and English. In 2017 she retired from French Camp Academy where she was the editor for a quarterly publication, French Camp Today. She and Tom have three children (Sam, Natalie, and Jessica) and six grandchildren.