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The Living Epistle

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"In this Baptist ReprintCornelius Tyree (1814-1891) shows the vital place of godly living as an appointed means by God in drawing sinners to Christ. Practical holiness lived out in the lives of Christians, according to Tyree, enforces and validates the truth of the gospel. Tyree thought deeply about the moral power and influence of the Christian life, and he expressed it clearly and powerfully."

– From the New Introduction by Kenneth Kiambati


Cornelius Tyree labored among his fellow Baptists for over half of a century. In all that time, he never tired of declaring Christianity to be a living, dynamic faith that begins and ends in Christ. In The Living Epistle, Tyree outlines the cause and characteristics of anemic Christianity, its remedy, the remedial effects on humanity, how the remedy might be obtained, and the motives for doing so. “The best commentary on the Bible the world has ever seen,” says Tyree, “is a holy life.”


Author Bio

Cornelius Tyree (1814-1891) was a nineteenth-century American Baptist who contributed much to the faith and practice of Baptists throughout the southern United States. After being raised in Amherst County, Virginia, Tyree attended William and Mary College and Columbia College, where he earned a Doctor of Divinity degree. He pastored congregations throughout Virginia for fifty-two years. Although having written several works on baptism and communion, Tyree is probably best known for the present work, The Living Epistle, or The moral power of a religious life.