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Thomas J. Nettles

A Commentary on Galatians

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A Commentary on Galatians: Christ Plus Equals Nothing
Tom Nettles with Sylvia Nettles Dickson

Part of the Nettles Commentary Series


Tom Nettles brings us a thought-provoking and thorough commentary on this important epistle by the apostle Paul to the church in Galatia, driving home the central theme of the glory of Christ in his perfect obedience to all the requirements of God's law. Christ Plus Equals Nothing is written in an easy-to-read outline format, sprinkled with insightful commentary from his sister, Sylvia Nettles Dickson.


The driving theme of the book of Galatians is the glory of Christ—the glory of his perfect obedience to all the requirements of God’s law. Driven by unbreakable certainty in his calling as a herald of divine truth to the churches in Galatia, the apostle Paul fearlessly declares that Jesus Christ alone saves. The joyous life that might be found through obedience to the law has been taken away by human sinfulness—only Jesus has kept every positive requirement of the law and has even suffered its curse. The result is that union with Christ by faith is the triune God’s provision for sinners to be declared right by him—the Father calls; the Son saves; the Spirit draws.

Paul’s message in Galatians remains most relevant for people today—if we seek to be justified by works, we are damned, but if we come as sinners to the righteous crucified one, we will stand before God in the spotless righteousness of his Son. God’s holy demands are not sacrificed in this transaction. Rather, it is the sacrifice of the Son that meets all God’s holy requirements. As a result, justification is the crediting to the believer of the moral law fulfilled; sanctification follows and is the moral law pursued.

Author Bio

Dr. Tom Nettles

Tom Nettles has written biographies of Charles Spurgeon and James P. Boyce. Among his other books are By His Grace and for His Glory and Baptists and the Bible. He is retired but serves as a senior professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.




Sylvia Nettles Dickson lives in Germantown, TN, with her husband, Tom Dickson. She graduated from Hinds Junior College and the University of Southern Mississippi with a BA in communications and English. In 2017 she retired from French Camp Academy where she was the editor for a quarterly publication, French Camp Today. She and Tom have three children (Sam, Natalie, and Jessica) and six grandchildren.