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Jeff Johnson

He Died for Me: Limited Atonement and the Universal Gospel

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 He Died for Me provides a convincing case for limited atonement by reviewing the history of this doctrine and affirming the universal offer of the gospel. 

 “Johnson particularly offers useful theological and historical insights into the universal aspect of the work of Christ as per the generally accepted formula “sufficient for all, efficient only for the elect.” Those involved in the debate should read this monograph as they fine-tune what they believe to be the true Biblical and Reformed position." —Curt Daniel

"Lack of historical perspective and careful nuance often hamper discussions on the extent of the atonement. That’s why you need to read He Died for Me. Jeffrey Johnson revives the old Lombardian distinction between limited efficacy and universal sufficiency, and he assesses the various ways the Reformed tradition has sought to harmonize the two. Next, Johnson seeks to move the conversation forward by relating the question of the atonement’s extent to the doctrine of union with Christ. In so doing, he makes an excellent case for a Calvinism that lays a solid basis for the free offer of the gospel." —Bob Gonzales