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Jerome Zanchius

Absolute Predestination

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"Jerome Zanchius (1516-1590) is one of the great names of Reformed theology alongside Peter Martyr, John Calvin, and Theodore Beza. Jonathan Edwards referred to him as “the best of Protestant writers in his judgment.” John Farthing claimed that Zanchius “lived and breathed in dialogue with scripture.” The hymnist, Augustus Toplady (and original English publisher of this work), said Zanchius’s work was “from beginning to end, a regular chain of solid argument: deduced from the unerring word of divine revelation, and confirmed by the co-incident testimonies of some of the greatest lights that ever shone in the Christian church.”

Not only have Reformed scholars of the past been assisted by this volume but the modern reader will benefit from this classic statement of the biblical doctrine of predestination as well. This book is thoughtful, balanced, and biblical.