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Ten Essential Sermons of Charles Spurgeon

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5.5" x 8.5"
208 pages

"Charles Haddon Spurgeon had no peer in the theological density of his sermons. At the same time, he had no peer in their simplicity. He looked at truth, to which Christ came to bear witness and embody, as the pathway not only for altering the mind but for shaping the affections. These ten sermons exemplify this pattern of deep doctrine, simple but elegant and engaging presentation, and a call to faith and love. ...

"The effort to isolate ten influential sermons from a preacher who preached thousands of such sermons is daunting. These sermons, however, succeed in illustrating Spurgeon’s doctrine, his evangelistic commitment, the beauty of his language, the manner in which a biblical text suggests a subject, and his passion for the glory of the triune God and the eternal well-being of souls."

-- from the introduction by Tom Nettles  

Sermons include: 

  1. "A Simple Sermon for Seeking Souls"
  2. "How to Become Fishers of Men"
  3. "The Dying Thief in a New Light"
  4. "Songs in the Night"
  5. "The Raven’s Cry"
  6. "The Shameful Sufferer"
  7. "The Soul Winner"
  8. "The Marvelous Magnet"
  9. "The Tomb of Jesus"
  10. "No Tears in Heaven"

"Charles Spurgeon was uniquely equipped with a rare combination of superlative gifts suited to his calling—unrivaled mastery of the English language, a keen mind and memory, sound theological instincts, and fearless devotion to the truth. He preached a timeless message with extraordinary clarity and conviction. His sermons are therefore as rich and edifying as when they were first delivered. If you’re not reading Spurgeon’s sermons, you need to do a better job of redeeming the time." 

-- Phil Johnson

"I like to read Spurgeon because his fierce passion for biblical truth comes through so clearly, even in print. I greatly admire his commitment to sound doctrine, his hatred of heresy, his passion for souls, and his knowledge of Scripture. But more than anything else, I appreciate his deep love for Christ. All of it is contagious." 

-- John MacArthur