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Sam Waldron

The Crux of the Free Offer of the Gospel

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The Crux of the Free Offer of the Gospel

“I am once again indebted to Sam Waldron for his precise exposition of the Scriptures regarding this critical issue facing the church. As always, he stands upon the Word of God an din the very center of the historical Reformed faith. This work not only substantiates the free offer of the gospel to all, but it will inspire the reader to be more diligent in the gospel ministry.” —Paul Washer


“Can a Christian rightly say that God sovereignly determines whom He will save and sincerely offers Christ to everyone who hears the gospel? Sam Waldron gives us a solid basis to say ‘Yes’! His outline of sophisticated theological arguments makes constant reference to the Holy Scriptures to embolden preachers to preach unconditional election, particular redemption, and the free offer of the gospel.” —Joel Beeke