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Jeffrey D. Johnson

The Fatal Flaw of the Theology Behind Infant Baptism

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The Fatal Flaw exposes the inconsistencies of the theology behind infant baptism. Rather than rehashing the familiar arguments against infant baptism, this work seeks to undercut its very foundation. What is the theological system which undergirds infant baptism and where does this system come unraveled? This work answers these questions by explaining the distinction in the nature of the old and new covenants and their often misunderstood relationship with one another. This critical discussion of the continuity and discontinuity of the covenants is thoroughly explored in this book. To understand the biblical connection between the covenants, it is vital to first understand the dual nature of the Abrahamic Covenant. What is the relationship between Abraham and Moses, Abraham and Christ, and Moses and Christ? The debate of continuity and discontinuity between the old and new covenants cannot be properly solved until the intended nature of the Abrahamic Covenant is fully comprehended.




“This is an excellent and outstanding work, which deals with the subject from the ground up— one of the best, if not the best, I have ever seen! Jeffrey deals with all the aspects of the subject and in the logical order of their development in the subject area. He presents his position clearly with solid and sound exegesis and clear discussion and argumentation. Thus, he makes a definite and strong contribution to the subject matter of the day concerning the ongoing debate between continuity and discontinuity of the Divine covenants.”

Richard P. Belcher, Sr.,
Author of A Journey in Grace

“If I were a Baptist, this argument would be the one I would want to share with my Presbyterian brethren or anyone considering leaving the Baptist camp to become one. It truly is a must-read and should be in the library of every serious student of covenant theology.”

Thomas J. Gentry,
Pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church and President of Veritas Theological Seminary

“Jeffrey Johnson has produced a thorough, vigorous, and impressive interaction with covenant theology as it is used in support of infant baptism. He has given a detailed analysis of each part of the system, approved what was biblically warranted, challenged what is indefensibly contrived, and offered compelling alternatives to each part of the system that he has challenged. He has not left it at that point but has offered an alternate interpretation of the relationship between the covenants.”

Tom J. Nettles,
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary



Author Bio

Jeffrey D. Johnson is the founding pastor of Grace Bible Church and President of Grace Bible Theological Seminary in Conway, Arkansas, where he resides with his wife, Letha, and their four children. He is the author of several books, including The Church, He Died for Me, The Kingdom of God, The Absurdity of Unbelief, The Sovereignty of God and The Revealed God. Check out his other titles HERE.